My Frequency

Daniya Murat is a student at Berklee College of Music here in Boston who created a YouTube channel called My Frequency. The concept is about letting artists showcase their frequencies so that other people with similar frequencies can find and enjoy the music that these artists are performing.

She wrote to me:

I have mentioned about a project I’m working on right now called “My Frequency”. It’s a Youtube Channel.The project is about gathering students from Berklee College of Music who are DJs or live electronic performers. My frequency YouTube channel has recorded videos of DJ sets performed by Berklee Students who are mostly Electronic Production and Design major, and interviews. The main purpose of the project is to help artists expand their target market as well as getting recognized. Also “My Frequency” was inspired out of a thought about frequencies and how we have it in our world on a daily basis. 

Waveforms are everywhere, even in the human bodies. Each of us have our own frequencies, and “My Frequency” lets artists showcase their frequencies so that other people with their frequencies could cling to the music that artists are performing. 

Eventually, I’m trying to create a catalog of different artists sorted out by moods, genres and etc. Would you consider being featured?