Writing in the Mountains of Invermere

For our Columbus Day holiday, I traveled to Calgary to visit bestie Clobrien and celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with her and her family. We spent some time in Calgary exploring divine coffee shops, vegan food and chinese karaoke. We watched her roommate kill it singing till 3am and still make it somehow to work at the hospital at 6am. Claire had off from Med School for the long weekend, so we drove out to Invermere where her family has the most gorgeous cabin.

Each day was so athletic- long runs, a hike, swimming, Bikram yoga. We also spent time in the natural hot springs in the next town over.

One day we explored the house of a strange Austrian man – see photo below – who turned his wild wood carving studio into an exhibit for passers by to explore

Both of us had work to do. For me I had to work on writing the Beats case. I had been working all semester long with a top HBS Professor on writing the case about Beats Electronics, and was so happy to spend time working on the next draft in such a beautiful environment. There was one morning where I was up early writing, maybe because of the time difference, and it was so easy to just flow through the words because of the setting I was in – the quietude, the cabin, the warmth, the forest around us. It was so amazing. I understand now why so many writers feel the need to isolate themselves in natural environments – taking away the lack of overstimulation that we are so used to can produce dramatically positive results.

Spending Thanksgiving with Claire and talking about life and grad school and transitions and partners and family was key. It’s amazing to have someone that you feel you are on the same page with even if you are not in contact every day. Her family is so special. The food was delicious. We got to catch up on sleep and be healthy and productive and relaxed all at the same time.

Thank you, mountains of Invermere, I am grateful to you and your spiritual green freeness.