Dirty Girls Project: Hunter Gatherer in NYC

In December 2013, I explored NYC with the DIRTY GIRLS PROJECT: Amber and Hunter Willat, two bad ass babe sisters whom I met at TEDx Brooklyn weeks earlier. We explored their favorite parts of the city and created beats everywhere we went, and ended the day rocking with the girls of the Lower East Side Girls Club. In the 5 minute cut made by Sayer, we talk about what matters to us, what being a dirty girl means, and why we chose to make the beats in NYC that we did.


We heard Kiran Gandhi (drummer for M.I.A, Harvard Business School student and TEDx speaker) inspire the house at a TEDx Brooklyn. She walked out on stage, dragged her chair from the back of the stage to the front and sat down right in front of our faces like she was about to tell us what was up.  She commanded the crowd and we frothed with excitement. Please see her TEDx talk here. This girl makes it seem easy to do everything and anything you want. No rules, no excuses, no chillin when you have the opportunity to KILL IT! No saying “no” when “Atomic Living says you have to.”

We approached Gandhi after her talk, and she was totally game to collaborate.

We reinvented the interview. Instead of sitting her down and asking questions, we walked her through the streets of Brooklyn using found objects to create drum beats as well as getting to know her through organic and unexpected situations. We collected her beats which were later mixed to score the video.

At the end of the day we took her to visit the girls at the Lower Eastside Girls Club. Gandhi lit the place up with a drum session and then told the girls a story of courage and empowerment.”