New Orleans MUST DO

  • Bike the bayou in Mid-City
  • Euclid records
  • Praline Bacon and Bloody Mary at Elizabeth’s
  • Juice at Satsuma in Uptown. Take your juice and walk around Audobon Park!
  • Sunday love meal at the Hindu temple near Esplanade and Lopez in Mid-city
  • Brass Sunday Night at Blue Nile on Frenchman
  • Maison Open Jam Night Monday – they are so welcoming to all musicians! Put your name on a list and wait till your name is called to come up to the stage and jam!
  • Queer nude swimming pool and bloody mary at The Country Club in the Bywater
  • Bullets with Kermit on Tuesday – make sure to go early like 6:30pm!!
  • The [private] Treehouse on Esplanade and Claiborne – friends live here in an artist mansion – it’s magical!
  • Best Iced Coffee: Orange Couch, Satsuma or Fairgrinds
  • Amazing Chicory Coffee and Cheesecake and experience and history: Commanders Palace in the Garden District. Make sure to explore the old mansions and Lafayette Cemetery as well.
  • Grit Fries and Collards at Boucherie…oh my word they are INCREDIBLE. Get two portions.
  • Confederate Museum in the CBD. As a native New Yorker, it was really educational and powerful to be able to have a Southern perspective on the Civil War. 
  • Musicians Village and the Make It Right homes in the lower 9th ward
  • Flora coffee shop is tropical and beautiful. 
  • Pho at the Love Lost Lounge
  • Zotz coffee shop is wild. That whole Oak St block is surprising and adorable.
  • Second line from the Marigny on Saturdays around 6pm
  • Strawberry Brussel sprouts at Maurepas in the Marigny. 
  • Treme Brass Band Tuesday at DBA on Frenchman
  • Iced coffee at Sacred Grinds near the graveyard – they cold brew with vanilla extract 

“This summer, Kiran Gandhi and I rented a lovely tiny room in a shotgun house and lived in New Orleans carefree for a little bit We took a magical summer bike ride on the balmy southern night around the city and stumbled upon a small shop where a full West African Band was playing live, there was devine grilled oysters and beer and life was super inspiring in that moment with so many great things there at once.” – by Cioffi, Dec 2013, in a reflection of the year.

Adding in some more things to do from my November 2014 trip:

  • House of Dance & Feathers (Mardi Gras Indian Museum) near Fats Domino’s house: 1317 Tupelo Street (
  • The Pepper Lantern: Vegetarian Backyard Speakeasy monthly:
  • Solo Espresso: 1301 Poland Ave in the Bywater
  • Spitfire Coffee in the quarter
  • Exodus Goods – amazing curated clothing shop with lots of funky stuff from South Africa – Solange Knowles style