Some Notes on LA from Angela Del Sol

Photo by Jimmy Marble (

Some Notes on LA from Angela Del Sol

Taking breaks from your current environment always helped put life in perspective at times of anxiety and restlessness. Coming to LA this past weekend and seeing my dearest Kiran was just what my soul needed. Despite all of the stereotypes I’ve heard about LA, I was thrilled to see with my own eyes a different reality, and found LA be a chill city bursting with an incredible creative energy. From the quirky neighbor at Art Share that greeted us with a health juice to the beautiful coffee barista (lead singer of Kiran’s former band Sister Rogers), to the lovely guys from Kiran’s new band Young Old Man (with whom we had a Chirs Cunningham music video marathon and danced through the halls of Think Tank), LA was full of colorful charismatic people. Artist Jimmy Marble ( found us at the Silverlake farmer’s market and started an impromptu photo shoot. It was so nice to ride around the city and taking it all in along with great tunes (“This Is How We Walk On The Moon” by Arthur Russell) and conversations. Oktoberfest hosted by a Silverlake couple sparked an intellectual debate about American conceptions of freedom abroad. Later that night we greeted the ocean under palm trees and a huge shinning moon, I could not ask for more. Talking to all of the people at the Tom Tom Magazine dinner party that Kiran hosted on my last night there made me realize that no matter where I go in the world, things will be ok as long as I remain a blank canvas and surround myself with people with good hearts and who are actively pursuing their dreams. I learned that there is no need to stress myself out trying to figure life out now because it’s all about the journey, the trials and achievements, and that life gets easy when you don’t get in your own way and just ride your wave. This place is call La La Land because most people live in dreams. They wake up everyday to make their fantasies become realities. Everyone that I met on this trip had a beautiful personality and their energy recharged mine. I feel very grateful to the universe for putting people like Kiran in my path and for all the magic that surrounds me.  I cannot wait for my next visit!

Til then,

Stay dreamy LA

Angela Del Sol

September 28-30, 2012