SXSW 2011 via CNN and Mimi Melles


Two Features post SXSW: by Mimi Melles:    “My FAVORITE of the favorite performers who I absolutely love and am SO glad we became amigas is…Kiran Gandhi! I didn’t necessarily need to travel to Austin to see her perform given that I’m a regular for her drumming gigs at Eighteenth Street Lounge on Sundays, BUT it was still oooh sooo cool to see her rock out at the most beautiful venue I’ve ever seen, Roial. We danced at Eighteenth Street Lounge’s label party where they had lots of bands playing afrobeat and everything else that just makes you want to DANCE.”


Definitely go check out Mimi’s blog, all about delicious circumstances and fashion and urban exploring…


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A fun article, pretty on point, by Brenna Ehlrich for CNN:

As quoted:

4. Don’t be a creeper.

“A random friend request with no message or supplemental explanation of where we met or how I’m supposed to know this person is unfair. I’m always happy to be someone’s friend, especially to learn more about what they’re doing musically, but have a heart and first tell me who you are!”

— Kiran Gandhi, label manager, Rhythm & Culture Music DC

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