The Odyssey, NYC Chapter: Days 1-2

I’m on a Musical Odyssey during the next three weeks. The goal is to meet people, play music and to learn as much as I can about various aspects about the music industry. I’m headed to NYC Feb 28th – March 2nd, LA March 3rd – 12th, DC March 12th – 15th, Austin, TX (i.e. SXSW) March 16th – 19th, and NH March 19th – 20th.

Monday Feb 28th

Roll into NYC, hug Noelle Yasso, head to the Soho Trump Hotel for DJ Sabo’s going away party. Meet DJ Wiseacre.

Tuesday March 1st

Meet Natalia Clavier and Federico Aubele for coffee and love near Williamsburg, BK.

Head to Chapin to greet old friends and express thanks.

Meet with Julia at XL Recordings (Dizzee Rascal, Gil Scott-Heron, Jamie XX, M.I.A, Radiohead, Ratatat, Sigur Ros, The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, Thom Yorke…). She’s a genius, I learn a lot.

Meet Noelle for misc mini cupcakes and coffee. Buy dope clothes (see photos from LA trip…).

Head to the Subatomic Sound studio in St. Mark’s Place and vibe with Emch for a bit about being on the road with Lee Scratch Perry and tell him about my research on mathematics applied to music and soundwaves.

Buy clothes from a rad vintage/newclothing designer who is originally from DC.

Dinner with Jorge Vega and Noelle Yasso…both are Georgetown grads whom are trying to find ways to merge the creative with philanthropic endeavors.

Jorge and Noya
Chinatown Brasserie, an old favorite!!

On the way home, Noelle and I film a mini percussion music video on the subway. (Watch here:

Subatomic Soundsystem's Emch