Washington, District of Musica (Entry 1)

I love DC’s music scene. Three months. Love and discoveries. Creative intellectuals. Last weekend this sentiment was solidified for me by the fact that every day of the weekend brought something new and exciting. It started last Friday, August 13th, when I was invited to bring my triongo and play with talented DC violinist Raycurt Johnson at the Gallery Place/Chinatown metro. It was part of the DC Commission for the Arts’s program called Metro Performs! in which they sponsor DC musicians to play at various metro stations. One of the board members of this program is the Bravery’s guitar player Michael I. As I came up from the metro escalator about to start setting up my things, I noticed he was there surveying the scene. He carried himself well, looked really good and was focused on our set-up and our organization. I asked him if he played for a band, he said it was called “The Bravery.” Imagine that. We spoke a little bit and he said that he had graduated from Georgetown and moved to NYC to pursue the band for fun and it just developed a really large following over the years. He said in the beginning they really sucked. But when they started to notice that people were gravitating towards the music, they started to get more serious and and organized. After touring and recording for 8 years, he wanted to have a chilled out summer, give back to his hometown and be with his wife. An awesome guy.

That night I made my way out to Gaia which was an Art Festival held at the Fridge in Eastern Market. I love that venue, it is incredible special and invites a really great mix of people. I loved the face painter, I loved the lighting, the way the room was organized and the DJ!! Sonia danced in an outfit so awesome it seemed to be straight out of a Beats Antique video, Kimozaki spun while I got to jam out with Linda, Alex smuggled in alcohol to his own venue where drinks are not permitted and Born was killing it on the mic. I met one of the artists there Jeremy who was also bartending…he talked about his wood carvings and how he has a studio in Maryland with all this creative space for him to work and produce these sculptures. So beautiful. I wish we had more of this in DC. I want to make it and perpetuate!! Till then, thank god for The Fridge and Gaia’s contributors.

On Saturday morning, I pulled myself out of bed to catch the Girls Rock! DC Camp showcase that was taking place at 11am at the 9:30 Club. Oh my god it changed my life. I only managed to make there at 12:30 because the metro and busses didn’t work in my favor that day, but