Speaking at The Future of Music Policy Summit 2014

When I was an undergrad at Georgetown University, I would attend the Future of Music Policy Summit that was held there every year, religiously. I’d tell my professors ahead of time that I wouldn’t be able to make class that day, I’d bring a pen and paper and take copious notes, and I’d leave each year feeling more informed and uplifted by the industry I cared so deeply about.

Three years after graduating, I received the coolest honor I could receive – to be asked to come and speak at the event this year.

A fellow rad, young music aficionado, Michelle Davis, and I, will both spend our 30 mins on the main stage having a conversation about using our careers to contribute meaningfully to the music industry, and the tools we have used to constantly be reimagining its landscape throughout the course of our careers and education.

Join us next Monday, Oct 27th, in Washington DC at 3:30pm. Details below.

On Atomic Living: Kiran Gandhi
3:35 PM – 4:00 PM
Lohrfink Auditorium
is a force of nature. She plays drums and tours internationally with M.I.A., has done a stint at Interscope Records as the company’s first digital analyst, is a Harvard MBA candidate and a committed activist. Most exciting is her committment to a more diverse and inclusive music industry built on an ethos of collaboration and engagement. Kiran’s talks on “atomic living” embody her willingness to experience life and the pursuit of knowledge wherever opportunities arise. She’ll be joined in conversation with one of our favorite rising legal stars, Michelle Davis—a former Flagpole music editor and FMC intern who in her “spare time” works to expand the knowledge base of musicians in her hometown of Athens, Georgia. These two young leaders possess intellectual curiosity and a desire to affect postive change through music. That’s our kind of future.

Kiran Gandhi Drummer/Percussionist; MBA Candidate, Harvard Business School
Michelle Davis Senior Articles Editor, Journal of Intellectual Property, University of Georgia School of Law